Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

washing cup in sinkWhen you turn on your water fixtures, do you get a strong spray, or is it just an annoying dribble? If water trickles out, then your water pressure is low.  

Low water pressure makes bath time intolerable. It is unsolvable without professional knowledge. Common reasons include a shut water valve, leaks, and water heater problems. In Allen, Texas, you can hire  a plumber to solve your water woes, but here are some ways to diagnose the problem: 

1. Check Your Water Meter Valve

Most houses have two major shut-off valves that monitor the pressure of the water. The first is a water meter valve, right next to the water meter on the main city supply pipe. While typically only used by the water company, the valve might not be fully open if there were plumbing repairs. Check that the handle is parallel with the water pipe. When you turn it on, and the water pressure does not improve, call the plumber. 

2. Look For Water Leaks

Water leaks pooling around your faucets may be a clue why water pressure is low. Minor cracks divert water from the source to the faucet. Usually, this does not affect the water supply. A significant crack or hole, however, will cause water pressure to drop. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a checklist to check for leaks. For residents in Allen, TX, you’ll need a plumber when meter technicians reach out to you once they suspect a water leak. 

You can run your faucets one at a time to diagnose the source of the leak. A plumber is recommended for severe water leaks, especially outdoor leaks because underground irrigation problems can be challenging to detect.  

3. Check Water Heater Specifications

Check your water heater if water pressure declines as the water heats up. It can be the pipes or a faulty heater. Hard-water buildup in the pipes can obstruct water flow from the hot water tank and drive water pressure down. Accumulated sediment that comes from heated water can settle in the hot water tank, lowering water pressure. The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors lists other ways to maintain water heater efficiency. Still, they strongly recommend getting a qualified plumber, as overheated water heaters are dangerously combustible. 

After going through the steps, and the water is still a trickle, call a plumber. Are you living in Allen, TX? Contact us. At Pro Service, our professional plumbers are committed to solving your water pressure problems. Contact Pro-Service to schedule an appointment for a consultation.  


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