We Can Find And Repair Your Leak

find and repair allen txThat discoloration on your walls or ceiling could be a sign that something is wrong with your pipes. These can be difficult to find and repair on your own, and if you start removing pieces of your wall to try and find it, you could wind up doing even more damage to your home. If you have started to notice the signs of a leak, taking the time to talk with a trusted plumbing expert can save you time and hassle.

When you need to locate that problem leak, reach out to our team of expert plumbers in Frisco, TX. Even a small trickle can cause serious damage to your walls and floors, and the situation is unlikely to fix itself without making a change. Our team uses advanced forms of audio and video technology to detect the location of the leak, helping you to avoid unnecessary damage during the repair process. Find out more about leak detection services by giving us a call today!

Leaks Can Cause Serious Damage To Your Home

Even the tiniest leaks can become a serious problem for your home. When water starts to seep into your drywall, it can cause it to warp or even crumble. Support beams and wooden studs can soak up this water, as well, leading to structural concerns that can be dangerous to leave and costly to repair. Mold and mildew can also grow in these spots, giving you a musty smell and possible health concerns.

If this moisture reaches an area with electrical outlets or wiring, it poses a serious risk for not only your home, but your family as well. Short circuiting and fires can happen when leaks are ignored. By speaking with a plumber quickly after discovering a leak, you may be able to avoid potential health risks and further damage to your home.

Our Team Provides Advanced Leak Detection Services

Finding the leak location is not always the simplest of tasks, as your pipes are often placed deep within your walls. If you are struggling to identify the source of your unwanted water, your best bet is to speak with a trusted local plumber about leak detection services.

Our team uses sophisticated forms of audio and video technology to find and repair your leak. This approach helps you to avoid damaging your home further, and it also speeds up the process. If you have a leak, stop waiting for it to fix itself, and reach out to an expert.

Find And Repair Your Leak With Pro-Service Plumbing!

Do you know you have a leak, but simply cannot find where it is coming from? Our team can help. To learn more about how we find and repair internal wall leaks, talk to Pro-Service Plumbing in Allen, TX today!

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