The Cold Can Wreak Havoc On Your Pipes!

havoc on your pipes allen txThis time of the year, a cold snap can happen at any moment. A hard freeze can be stressful on many parts of your home, but your pipes can experience some of the worst of it. Even though we are here in Texas, we are not immune to the risk of a sudden freeze, and when this happens, it is important to know how to handle the situation to avoid havoc on your pipes.

Your helpful plumbing experts in Allen, TX are here to help you to protect your home during the colder months with the right care for your pipes. When they are subjected to extremely cold weather, the water inside your pipes can freeze, and this can become a serious problem for your home. In colder temperatures, making the right decisions can help you to avoid damage to a house or rental unit, so take steps to keep yourself safe!

Frozen Pipes Can Become A Real Harm For Your Home

The primary reason that cold weather can damage your home is because the water within your pipes can freeze. Your outside pipes and those along the exterior walls are most at risk of this happening, so you want to take special precautions with them. If you have noticed that you have external pipes that are currently exposed, talk to our team about ways to insulate them. This simple step can help to protect your home from major damage.

It is not actually the freezing itself that tends to cause problems, but the fact that water expands as it turns to ice. When this happens, it builds up pressure within your plumbing, and it can be forceful enough to crack or burst a pipe within your home.

Steps You Can Take To Keep Your Home Safe

During the colder months of the year, it is important to stay vigilant and prepare yourself for possible freezing weather. Your first step is to ensure that all exposed pipes are appropriately insulated. Otherwise, a hard freeze can disrupt your life and lead to a serious water leak.

Another tried and true method of frozen pipe prevention is to leave your faucets running just a bit during sub-freezing temperatures. This is especially important for the faucets along the external walls of your home, as these are at the highest risk of damage. By keeping a steady flow of water, it helps to prevent ice formation.

Find Out More With Pro-Service Plumbing!

When it is cold outside, your pipes need a little extra help. To find out more about your options, talk to our helpful team at Pro-Service Plumbing in Allen, TX at (972)424-1402 today. If you have experienced damage from this latest round of cold weather, give us a call to learn about your options to get your home back in working order!

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