These 4 Household Products Are Harming Your Drains

Dangerous materials or substances that can cause clogging should never be put down drains. Unfortunately, there are 4 major types of household products that clog drains when disposed of in this manner.

1. Food waste

One of the major causes of clogging in household drain pipes is fatty material such as animal fat trimmings, butter, grease and margarine. While hot bacon grease may seem to easily go down the drain, it will actually coat the pipe and then become solid when it cools down. Other types of food waste can also go down the pipe and then stick to that bacon grease, resulting in thick clogs of gunk over time.

Fats and grease also float, sitting atop sewage pipes or septic tanks and impeding the proper flow of water through the system.

Other types of food waste that should not be put down drains include coffee grounds, biscuit and bread dough, eggshells, fibrous foods such as celery, produce skins that still have stickers attached to them, and raw flour.

Foods that are capable of expanding in water should also never be disposed of in drains or in sinks. Expanding foods include hard grits, pasta, rice, and risotto, and putting them down the drain can cause serious drainage problems.

2. Household chemicals

No type of bleach should be poured down toilets if your house has a septic system. Bleach actually kills the bacteria that helps to break down the septic waste, resulting in the waste system becoming clogged up and possibly improperly draining in your backyard. It could even cause permanent damage to the septic system.

When mixed together, cleaning fluids and bleach create toxic gas, so if both get poured down sink drains and become mixed, the air in your home could actually become contaminated with such gas. Never pour acetone, ammonia, disinfectant cleaners, pesticides, rubbing alcohol, toilet cleaner, or vinegar down the drain with bleach. Bleach, when combined with either acetone or rubbing alcohol, actually creates chloroform, a dangerous substance.

3. Automotive fluids

Fluids, grease formulations, and oils designed for use with motor vehicles are toxic to animals, plants, and people, and they should never be poured down household drains. They can react in the same way as household chemicals and even leach into waterways, small streams, and eventually get into the ocean.

4. Solvents and paints

Oil-based and latex paints are toxic to the environment and humans. They should never be poured into outside drains, sinks or toilets. Paint and paint solvents can cause damage to pipes.

Final Thoughts

For more advice on what household products should not be put down drains, or for other drainage issues, contact Pro-Service Plumbing today.

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