Got a Leak? The 5 Most Common Problems

Plumbing problems will inevitably arise in even the most diligent of households, which is why it is crucial to have access to professional plumbers who can provide assistance when the need arises. There are several contributing factors to leaks and other problems that should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid further, more serious issues. If you’re experiencing any leaking, these are the five most frequent causes.

1. Leak in the roofPhoto by <a href="">Erik Mclean</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Many water intrusion concerns start on the roof. Roof plumbers will need to assess a leaking roof to make important repairs that will prevent further water damage. Even the smallest of roof leaks can result in serious problems, primarily because dripping water can seek new routes in hidden places, so they should be fixed immediately.

2. Leaking showers

A shower that leaks can also cause big problems if the issue is left unattended. The showerhead may not be adequately sealed, or the grout in the tiles could have issues that are channeling water into the walls. And it is crucial to have these issues investigated by a plumber as soon as possible to prevent further or worsening water damage.

3. Leaking taps and faucet leaks

Leaking faucets and taps can cause a lot of extra expense on monthly water bills. A fixture that keeps dripping, despite the levers being in the off position, needs attention. In many cases, a plumber can help by simply tightening pipes, although some parts and seals may also need replacing. A professional plumber can work out the cause of the leak and fix the problem quickly.

4. Leaking toilets

Toilets are typically breeding grounds for bacteria, so toilet leaks can be especially troublesome. This is another very common plumbing problem that requires professional help. A leaking toilet can be a symptom of something minor, such as a bad flap or other flushing mechanisms. However, a toilet leak could be the result of something a lot more serious. For example, if the wax seal is failing or the toilet is cracked, then you need an expert plumber for replacement.

5. Low water pressure

One of the most common plumbing problems that most people will encounter is low water pressure, which indicates that the plumbing system in your home has some kind of problem. Pipes may need replacing, or some other issue will need fixing for the pressure to return to a normal range. Improper water pressure can also cause additional problems, so it’s important to call in a plumber in short order.

When a plumbing leak or other plumbing issue occurs in your household, know it may be due to some of these common problems. And the only thing you need to do next is call Pro Service Plumbing immediately. Our team will help you identify your unique leak problem and provide the solutions you need!

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