Fix That Broken Toilet With One Simple Call

Broken Toilet Allen TXIf you start to notice that something is wrong with your toilet, make the effort in repair as soon as you can. Even if the situation does not seem like an emergency, uncontrolled water in your home can lead to serious damage. By responding quickly to a leaking toilet, you give yourself the opportunity to avoid further harm to your property.

With our trusted team of local plumbing experts in Allen, TX, you have a dedicated professional to help you fix that leak. A running toilet can release over four gallons of water every minute, which can become a serious issue for your pocketbook. When this happens, your leak can also cause major damage to your home, so if you have begun to notice water pooling around the base, take action. When it’s time to call a plumber about your broken or leaky toilet, do not wait to reach out to a professional until you start to notice damage. A call to a handy plumber can help!

Your Toilet Leak Can Release A Large Amount Of Water Onto Your Floor

Are you starting to see water around the base of your toilet? This could be a sign that you need some help with your plumbing. Most often, this occurs when there is a failure with the waxy ring that seals the connection between your toilet and your pipes. Normally, this ring provides a durable barrier, but over time, this material may wear out and allow water to flow onto your floor.

When the wax ring on your toilet fails, it might not happen all at once. You might see a bit of water from time to time, but nothing drastic enough for you to speak with an emergency plumber. Be wary of waiting, however, because your bathroom fixtures use more water than you might think!

A Broken Toilet Can Lead To Further Issues With Your Home

If you own your own home, it can be a struggle to determine which repairs are the most urgent. Sometimes, you need to prioritize which part of the house needs the most amount of immediate work, and a leaking faucet might seem like something you can put off for the time being. This situation can become an issue right under your nose, though. While you wait to call a plumber, water could be seeping into your floors and baseboards, causing major damage.

Find The Solution To Your Leak With Our Allen, TX Plumbers

Are you tired of trying to stop that failing toilet from releasing water onto your bathroom floor? Give us a call at Pro-Service Plumbing in Allen, TX at (972)424-1402, and a member of our helpful team can head to your home to stop that problem leak. That broken toilet is unlikely to repair itself!

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