5 Reasons to Book a Regular Drain Cleaning Service

It is vital for any home to have drains that are free flowing, and drain cleaning plays a pivotal role in maintenance. A blocked drain is a problem that no one wants to have to experience. A household can fall completely into chaos when a bathroom or kitchen sink is not working in the way that it should.  That’s why it is so important to have regular plumbing inspections, including regular drain cleaning.

There are at least five major reasons to add routine drain cleaning to your homeowner maintenance list of things to do. 

1. Slow drainage

An early indicator that there is a problem with your drains is wastewater failing to be removed freely by drainage pipes. This can result in slow drainage. A main cause of slow drainage is a clog somewhere. When a bathtub or sink begins to fill with water, this means there is a problem. Grime, dirt, and other particles are likely stuck inside the pipes. This is a sure sign that a professional drain cleaning is in order.

Call in a professional plumber to carry out an inspection and drain cleaning before the problem worsens.

2. Sewage smells 

If an unpleasant odor is obvious every time water is run down the drain, it could be an early indication that there is a sewage problem. The bad smell can also be another symptom of a blocked drain. If you start to experience strange odors, a plumber should be called to deal with the problem. 

3. Strange noises indicate a problem

If there are strange bubbling or gurgling noises made when water drains down your bathtub or sink, it is almost certain that there is something stuck in your drains. When a drain is blocked, gushing water has to try to force its way through the blockages, which causes these strange noises. Call a plumber if you are hearing these noises and stay ahead of any back-ups or overflowing issues.

4. Heavy rain warrants regular drain cleaning

If you live in an area known to have a lot of heavy seasonal rain, then it is a good idea to have your storm water drains cleaned regularly. Storm water pipes can overflow after lots of heavy rain. So, it is a good idea to get them cleaned or at least inspected in order to avoid overflow.

5. It is always better to use a drain cleaning professional

Plumbing work is a dirty job, and there is also the risk of making things worse if you try to do it yourself. Instead of the DIY method, take drain cleaning seriously and call in the professionals. The best option is to call Pro-Service Plumbing and have our team of professional plumbers do the job for you. 

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