4 Ways to Stop Your Toilet from Sweating

Water clinging to the tank in toilets is known as sweating, and this condensation can end up dripping onto the floor and possibly even walls. While toilet sweating is not seen as a massive plumbing problem, floorboards or walls could be damaged if the issue is not addressed.

The humidity of a bathroom will be increased by the condensation, and that can promote fungal growth that can spread and damage the health of those in the home. Fungal growth can lower property values and be tough to remove, too.

The good news is that there is not necessarily anything wrong with a toilet that sweats, and there are several ways to stop it. Here are four ways to stop your toilet from sweating.

1. Insulating the toilet   

Insulating a toilet will stop it from sweating. There are a number of ways to insulate a toilet, including lining the tank with an insulation kit or using a cover on the outside of the tank. Some modern toilets even come already insulated.

The simplest method of insulating a toilet is to hire a plumber to put foam rubber or polyurethane sheets inside the walls of the tanks, which will put an almost immediate end to sweating toilets. 

2. Removing excessive humidity

One of the simplest methods to stop a toilet from sweating is to get rid of your bathroom’s excess humidity. A sweaty toilet is a good sign that the room is excessively humid. Common solutions include turning the fan on after a long bath or shower, taking colder or shorter showers, or making use of a portable dehumidifier. Even just opening the window and door in the bathroom after you have finished showering will allow the easier escape of warm air and increase ventilation.

3. Warming the toilet water

Condensation forms because of cold toilet water, so warming up that water will also stop sweating. A plumber will be able to put in a mixing valve at the tank inlet to provide the tank with warm water to prevent it from being too much colder than the room temperature.

4. Having less water in the tank

Cutting down the amount of tank water can also help to prevent a toilet from sweating. This will entail changing a regular toilet into a low-flow toilet, which is also better for the environment and gentler on plumbing.

Final Thoughts

For more advice on how to stop your toilet from sweating, contact Pro-Service Plumbing for this and other plumbing needs.

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